Kimbap Cake

Whether you call them kimbap, sushi rolls, or maki, rice wrapped in seaweed makes for a gorgeous presentation. At its most basic, the black and white cut cross-sections are stunning on their own. But its the addition of color that can make your “kimbap cake” or “sushi cake” come alive. If you want to just layer your favorite kimbap or sushi combinations, then simply arranging the rolls into 2 or 3 tiers makes an easy and beautiful “cake”.
The whole concept is fun and a bit tongue-in-cheek, so be creative with your presentation and feel free to serve it as an appetizer plate, as part of the main meal, or even for an after-dinner treat.
For holidays and special themed events, the presentation possibilities are endless.
For Christmas, red and green combinations like salmon and cucumber or red pepper, white tuna, and spinach make a kimbap cake that is both festive and delicious.
For Valentine’s Day, raw tuna rolls and Philadelphia rolls (smoked salmon and cream cheese) can mark the date.
The Fourth of July (American Independence) is a bit hard because there’s no true blue food, but you can certainly use the Valentine’s day rolls and serve them on blue plates. If you are really serious about your red, white, and blue, then you can also use blue food coloring for some of your rice or imitation crabmeat.
For Halloween, any white fish will add some protein, taste, and texture to the naturally white and black combination of white rice and dried seaweed.
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